Electric Intervals is a ~40min experimental abstract visual album I directed for musician & guitarist Martyn Heyne. Each of the 9 music videos explores various experimental techniques such as liquid manipulation, interpretive movement, video feedback, costume design, and abstract set construction.

Keeping to the visual motif of abstract cellular biology this series is inspired by the phrase commonly used to describe viruses, "organisms on the edge of life".

  • Direction, Lightshows, and editing by: Jasperi

  • Assistant Director: Joel Court

  • Cinematographer: Olly Newport

  • Producer: Max Lee

  • Set Design: Lucien Ross

  • Set Construction: Darra Shaw, George Craddock, Lucien Ross

  • Makeup & animation: Saskia Jackson

  • Costume: Steph Todd

  • Choreographer: Anna Lily Dean

  • Performer: Joel Plowright

  • Assistant Editor: Lily Jewers-Smith

  • Runner & BTS: Emma Pamplin

  • Illustration: Alix Waltz

  • Special Thanks: Luce Howell and Guy Larsen